What are the advantages of long-term truck rentals

Having ownership gives the owner a sense of pride and it is the best practice as per the adage “Buying is better than Renting”. But does it hold good for big products like “Trucks”? Our answer is a NO, and in this article, we will talk about the advantages of long-term truck rentals. The construction business market is booming and so is the Trucking industry, Agg Connect is the best truck rental company in Indianapolis. Every construction business requires transportation of materials from one place to another and you will need a fleet of vehicles to execute the client’s orders. So buying a new Truck might delay your business deals by a good 1-6 months.

So what is the apt solution for this problem? The answer is taking up a long-term truck rental service. You as a construction business owner will be benefited the most as most of your problems will be solved by the truck rental service provider. Buying a new truck requires more regulatory proceedings which makes the process more expensive and tedious. You can add Trucks from a rental service provider and see your business bloom and rake in more profit.

Advantages Of Long-Term Truck Rentals:

“Long-term” as the term suggests means having a contract for a long period from 3 months to 3 years and so on. Let’s take a tour of the advantages of long term truck rentals:

1. Longer Rental Period

This type of contract allows you to rent a Truck of your choice from anywhere between 24 months to 5 years on the trot. You can opt for Trucks with varying sizes as per your business needs. The biggest catch here is that you can even buy the truck once your rental period comes to an end, or just simply hand it back.

Choose the tenure of the truck rental period and use the trucks as per your needs within the agreed period.

2. Full-Service Leasing

One major thing that troubles truck owners is the maintenance cost of their trucks. With more and more routes being traveled there will be some maintenance required, be it in the form of changing tires, engine rehauling, and many more for the upkeep of your fleet. Many owners face this problem in the first year of purchasing the trucks, and the amount is staggering.

Once you get into a contract for a long-term truck rental service these high-priced costs will be eliminated and this is one of the best advantages of long-term truck rentals, Agg Connect is the best truck rental company in Indianapolis. You wouldn’t have to worry about the price tags as the rental truck service provider will bear all these costs. They are all amalgamated in the rental agreement and you wouldn’t feel the pinch of losing extra money.

Many truck rental service providers have a dedicated in-house service team who are adept at their work thus reducing the maintenance cost for both parties. Right from rehauling or clearing off the dirt, dents, or any damages to the body are taken care of in a short time making the truck look new.

3. Variety of Options

One can rent a truck of different sizes. Based upon your needs you can select a truck of your choice and set rolling your business on the road.

4. Insured Trucks

One of the biggest advantages of long-term truck rentals is that they are insured. So you wouldn’t need to worry about the hassles of Insurance coverage of the vehicle as it is covered by the truck rental service provider. All the trucks at Agg Connect come with insurance, and all you need to focus on will be the costs covered in your long-term truck rental contract.

5. Uninterrupted Work

Once a vehicle is scheduled for maintenance then it is revamped in a matter of hours and you get to go on with your business commitments on time. If the rental truck suffers from an accident or a breakdown the truck rental service providers have a 24/7 emergency assistance service. The truck rental service provider will be with you all the time, not physically though. They will get the problem sorted in real-time and cut the downtime which results in more profit to you by delivering on time.

6. Flexibility

This is also one of the advantages of long-term truck rentals, as you can upgrade, downgrade, or even quash your agreement before the set date. But there will be a notice period wherein you will have to give prior notice to the truck rental service provider. This helps you in a big way, for example, if you own a truck and it is not fitting your needs, you will have to sell it which is a time-consuming process.

By opting for a long-term truck rental service this headache is eliminated and also you get to choose from a larger fleet with different features. All you need to do is just put forth your needs and the rental truck providers will help you out with the right rental truck.

7. Support

All the long-term truck rental service providers have a solid support system. Some of the salient support services provided by Agg Connect are:

  • Costs related to Truck servicing are eliminated.
  • Round-the-clock Callouts for General services, Tyre replacements, Windscreen, or any other parts replacement.
  • 24/7 x 365 Customer Support Services. Helps you to save money and grow your business.


When we look at long-term truck rentals from the financial angle it has proven to be profitable. Based on your budget and requirements you can choose the right truck. Spending on a new truck will cost you time and money, so the best option is renting one out and Agg Connect provides the best truck rental services in Indianapolis. All it takes is a monthly fee which is far lesser than the amount you will be paying outright while purchasing a truck. It gives you extra options to invest your capital in other areas of your work. 

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