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The trucking industry in the USA is a massive one, having raked in $791.7 billion 2 years back before the pandemic hit. It is growing higher, and fleet owners are amping up their business by using the latest AI Technologies. As a result, the roles of AI in the trucking industry have seen a significant spurt, with truck manufacturing companies shelling out trucks equipped with AI-powered latest technologies.

The change of Automation in the trucking industry will help it grow even more extensively as it eases the working routine. A worthy mention will be Tesla and Waymo (Technology Development Company), which are rolling out new technologies for trucks. As a result, it is estimated that the trucking industry will grow to be staggering $10.3 billion industry by 2030. Usage of AI technology will be one of the top trucking trends in 2022 and even in the coming years.

Almost every truck manufacturing industry is imbibing and developing Autonomous Truck Technology and is testing it. However, the roles of AI in the trucking industry are too many, and we have listed the major ones in this article. So, without wasting time, let us know how Automation in the trucking industry will help the trucking industry and fleet owners.

Roles Of AI In The Trucking Industry:

1. Safety on Road

Now, who wouldn’t want the truck to be safe and the vehicles and pedestrians when traveling on the road! This is the number one concern when a truck sets out for delivery. With the help of AI technology, human errors have been minimized to a great level. Not just human errors but the indigenous transportation analytics will minimize driving hazards, be it on the highways or crowded urban areas. Monitoring the truck will be easier for fleet owners by the Automation in the trucking industry. Safety and Regulation Compliance and the Vehicle Maintenance Reports will become easy as you will be generating it right from your phone or computer.

2. Efficient Planning and Scheduling

Now that business has started flourishing, you might face Intermodal Logistics problems as a truck owner or fleet owner. This is one of the significant roles of AI in the trucking industry through which one can outdo complex infrastructures and also build a solid business model. With Automation in trucking, the professional truck driver can solve wait times, traffic detection, regulation compliance, and many more. On-time delivery will be achieved once you take the help of AI. A fleet owner can get real-time data of how many times the truck has traveled on a specific route, how the driver is engaging with the truck, up-gradation of the safety, and save resources.

3. Real-time Prediction and Monitoring of Traffic

We all know and have experienced delays because of Traffic. It is easier to know the traffic situation when traveling on a particular route with AI-powered trucks. The prediction method gives you real-time traffic information and optional routes details that the driver can use. Navigating is more manageable, and one can choose an alternative route to avoid any mishaps or long delays due to Heavy Traffic.

4. Maintenance Reports

Now, even this is one of the significant roles of AI in the trucking industry. The vehicle’s condition can be mapped digitally, and the repairs can be done in real-time. With Automation in the trucking industry, the driver/fleet owner can get detailed reports of the vehicle’s condition as the vehicles will be fitted with sensors and dashboards. These will give out signals when some of the other parts need repair.

5. Improved Logistics planning

With Automation in the trucking industry, route planning is made easier. However, many factors can deter travel, like weather, road condition, maintenance, and wait-time. This will lead to delay in transporting the goods. So once the vehicle is automated, the driver will get real-time data of the road they will be traversing and also about the maintenance shops nearby.

6. Optimization of the Supply Chain

With the power of AI, you can quickly eliminate the manual workflow process and paperwork. Everything will be done with the click of a button, either on your smartphone or computer. Many AI software will help your company ease the delivery or booking process online. You won’t be needing extra staffing of people in your customer service department as you can deploy chatbots. There will be a consistent balance between supply and demand which will help you scale up your business. All the info can be stored on the cloud, and your workforce can access it from any part of the world.

7. Excellent Management of Fleet and Staff

One of the significant roles of AI in the trucking industry is intelligent dashboards. The dashboards will provide information on how the vehicle has traveled. Whether the driver did over-speed or there is any particular repair needed, you get real-time information about it. You can connect with your and their reports from any part of the world when you store your details on the cloud. This eradicates the need of being physically present to check the know-about of your trucking business as an owner.

8. Accident Prevention

Now, who would like to be involved in an accident and lose a limb or life?! AI helps in regulating the speeding, braking, and steering parts. But the human touch on the steering wheel is also important. So the truck driver will understand and drive accordingly with many features like the weather warning and road conditions.


Agg Connect is one of Indianapolis’s best truck rental companies, and AI powers the whole fleet. Using the latest automation in trucking, we provide impeccable services to our clients. Your goods will be safely transported, and you can check the status of your consignment in real-time when you place an order with us. AI has created a significant impact, and our company is abreast with the latest technologies and implementing them.

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