Agg Connect provides the best truck rental service for fleet owners in Indiana is one of the leading dump truck logistics digital platforms helping fleet owners manage their trucks, get real-time visibility, and to say goodbye to the paperwork with almost everything digitized. We provide an array of Trucking Services for fleet owners as well as provide the services or tools required to increase the efficiency of dispatching, scheduling thus, reducing their back-office burden and increasing the productivity in operations. The Trucking Solutions for fleet owners help them in gaining better control, clear visibility and great efficiency. This eventually leads to improved business operations and higher profits.

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Agg Connect provides the best truck rental service for fleet owners in Indianapolis. As a dump truck owner, it’s important to opt for fleet management for the benefits it offers! You can not overlook the advantages of employing a digital platform for your fleets in the logistics business. As a fleet owner, it becomes essential to look for software and solutions that transform the way you manage your fleet and also get a competitive edge in the marketplace. Managing all trucks on one platform, easy drag and drop dispatching, aligning driver’s work through a mobile app, scanning tickets directly to ticket manager, automated and faster payments and secure billings are some of the main services offered by Agg Connect trucking company.

Truck Rental Service for Fleet Owners


AggConnect smooth trucking planning, scheduling, interaction with drivers and back-office processes to give fleet owners full control over their business.


With a GPS fleet tracking solution in place, fleet proprietors can optimize their business with better accountability to scale the business.


With tracking software, fleet owners can ease the process of dispatch and delivery, ensuring great customer delight and building the customer's trust in their company.


The ROI when you purchase a fleet management tracker varies upon the scale of your business; however, it results in the growth of the business.

With years of in-hand experience in dealing with the logistics industry, we have facilitated various fleet owners and helped them grow their business with our services. AggConnect makes sure you stay updated about your fleets. We guarantee complete data security and offer an array of trucking services for fleet owners.

No, every company or fleet owner will have their separate account and secure working environment. The people you invite to join your network will only have access to your data.

It totally depends upon the fleet owners. If they feel that the entire fleet does not need to be on Aggconnect to use our services, then they can customize accordingly.

The application is made very easy for fleet owners. It takes about a day for dispatchers to learn using all the applications and we also offer online training for drivers.