Agg Connect provides the best truck rental service for contractors in Indiana and has some top-notch trucking solutions for contractors. You can expand and step up your business with these solutions. Each and every minute is very significant for contractors and last-mile hauling can become a do or die thing. Everyone needs to give their best or else it can result in unproductive operations, poorly shaped schedules and a decrease in profits. Agg Connect gives a competitive hand to your business and offers an array of advantages as per your needs and requirements to increase your productivity tools. We offer simple and streamlined trucking services for contractors to make their job easier. Contractors can get support from Agg Connect in multiple ways.

Agg Connect | Best Truck Rental Services for contractors

From instantly finding contractors to tracking the materials from the job site, we cater to all your needs. Rely on Agg Connect trucking services for handling COI’s and compliance, getting crucial performance insights on assets utilization or on data yield, reducing your time spent on manual ticket reconciliation with the comprehensive and paperless E-Ticketing software. We are a reliable and leading logistics platform that can help you keep your projects on time as well as on budget. Agg Connect provides the best truck rental service for contractors in Indianapolis lets you have access to the right amount of trucking for your most critical and significant projects.

trucking services for contractors in Indiana

Digital Hauling

From scheduling to dispatching, you can manage your trucks digitally with AggConnect. The progress can be tracked throughout the day for the trucks you own.

Be Connected

Handling logistics can be difficult and challenging especially when something happens suddenly. With AggConnect, haulers, subcontractors, and the job site stay connected in one place.

Better Perceptibility

Have better insights and visibility through real-time GPS tracking in your projects. Perceptibility can help in keeping everyone aware of the projects, schedule and budget.

Decrease Burden

Overcome the back-office burden of hauling by streamlining or aligning your operations using hauler invoicing or ticket data. This may easily reduce your back-office work.

With dump truck logistics, your work can get off track. AggConnect offers trucking solutions for contractors to keep their construction projects on time and on budget. We let you enhance visibility on trucks anytime and anywhere. Get access to real-time monitoring for truck location, ETA’s, loads delivered and much more.

AggConnect lets you and your team have complete control over the trucking logistics. We provide trucking services for contractors and some amazing benefits such as GPS tracking & real-time updates, etc.

AggConnect understands how difficult weather conditions can be challenging, thus we enable the contractors to cancel the accepted job. A new job can be scheduled accordingly as per the availability.

A company lending trust to AggConnect need not worry about privacy as their account would run in a very safe environment and they can manage who would access the information.