Agg Connect provides the best truck rental service in Indiana and is a first-class innovation in dump truck logistics digital platform and has some unique Trucking Solutions for Haulers. With the target of more work, more loads and more money for haulers and with a vision to connect the construction company through modern technology. We have excellent Trucking Services for haulers, keeping in mind the specific needs be it for short haulers or long haulers. Hauling is challenging and sometimes these challenges could lead to less work, fewer loads and lower pay. However, don’t worry, we offer smooth and streamlined Trucking Services for Haulers such as digital tickets, OCR technology for scanning and auto filing, automated invoicing and payments.

Agg connect - Best Truck rental services for haulers

When a contractor orders a truck, our job board instantly looks for a hauler to accept the job. With Agg Connect, you get the benefits of trucking services and have a chance to stand out from the competition and have an upper hand in the market. We have years of experience in handling the logistics business in construction. The all-in-one digital platform, Agg Connect is here to give the best truck rental service to haulers in Indianapolis and competitive advantage by providing tools that support every part of their workflow. So, operate hauling digitally, efficiently and boost your business with the top features for haulers provided by us.

trucking services for haulers in Indiana


Don’t worry about filling your next job, AggConnect does it all for you. You can also assign job orders or dispatch them to your subhaulers.


Say goodbye to paperwork, digital tickets ensure instant verification, easy ticket reconciliation and fewer disputes, if any.


From accepting their jobs to their payments, the driver can see all the necessary details and can track where to go without asking for directions.


With the motive to reduce your burden, we would handle the driver payments. We have automated invoicing and automated payments based on the invoice shared.

We aim to take the hassle out of hauling to increase your efficiency in business. With AggConnect you can see your work grow step by step towards success as we assist you with every aspect of hauling. Our platform helps you to optimize your routes as well as save time.

AggConnect is absolutely free for registration. Haulers get 100 percent of the job fee that they agreed to on our digital platform. The fee for hauling service is already adjusted.

We require basic information along with a valid liability and workers company insurance. For verification, we also ask for the insurance agent`s name as well as the contact details.

AggConnect offers smooth billing and payment methods for customers and haulers. We have an automated system for payment to haulers so that there’s no delay or issues with the payments.