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Moving physical goods or things is a tedious process. This is where you have to avail services of a truck rental company. But there are some serious questions to ask before hiring a truck rental company, and you will get to know more about it further down this article. Agg Connect is the best trucking company in Indianapolis and offers a suite of truck rental services.

There are chances of unfair charges and a communication gap between the broker and the carrier, which can be a bad apple. Asking questions is not a bad thing, as it is your precious goods that are being transported. So we have listed some of the topmost questions to ask before hiring a truck rental company. So here we go:

List Of Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Truck Rental Company:

1. Is this truck rental company licensed?

This is the most important question to ask when you are availing of the services of a truck rental company. When you have to transport goods from one place to another, there are some crucial legislative rules that must be followed by the truck rental company you are hiring. Every state will have its own rules and legislations, so when you have to transport the goods from one state to another, then it is important if they have valid licenses. This helps in protecting both the truck rental company and the customer.

2. Are you a Broker or a Carrier?

With the digital revolution, the trucking industry is witnessing changes in its operations. Some brokers have partnered with different fleet owners, contractors, and haulers to provide transportation services. Then there are Carriers who are standalone companies and have an in-house for delivering the services. Working with a broker will lower prices as many partners will be bidding for the project. You can select the size of the vehicle and the price online. Agg Connect, which is the best trucking company in Indianapolis, works on a hybrid broker/carrier model and has partnered with valid credentials.

3. What are the Coverage Options?

When the goods are in transit, there are chances of damages, missing goods, or damage through accidents. So you have to check if the company offers insurance cover so that your goods are insured, and you can claim for the damages if any. Almost all truck rental companies offer basic Liability Insurance Coverage, but you have to check and probe for other insurance options as well. 

4. What services does your truck rental company offer?

Truck rental companies offer a suite of services, and this is one of the questions to ask before hiring a truck rental company. When you have your goods ready, they will have to be loaded in the selected vehicle. So you have to probe if the company provides loading and unloading services. There are many other things like crating and packing that companies offer. So if your goods need to be custom crated, then you have to check with the truck rental company.

5.  Is the estimate all-inclusive?

There are chances of the company you have hired raising the moving cost on a moving day. So it is better advised to check with the company if it is all-inclusive. If you don’t check, then you might bear the extra burden of spending more than what was provided. Not all companies, but some companies might scam you by raising the moving cost. Agg Connect provides customers with binding estimates that are all-inclusive, and that is the reason why it is the best trucking company in Indianapolis.

6. Are there any hidden charges?

Some trucking companies can apply hidden charges that may raise the amount discussed. There can be charges piled up in the contract, and you might not read it. So you have to understand if there are any hidden charges before signing the contract. If you don’t, then your final billing will be of a higher amount. Checking customer reviews is also a good thing to do, but not every review will be the same. There might be a bad review from a customer who has had a bad day, so checking on this parameter should be done first-hand.

7. What is the pricing calculation model?

Many trucking companies provide pricing based on different parameters. The chosen truck size, shipping weight, and shipping distance are accounted for, and then they provide the quote. So you will have to closely check and probe these questions before hiring a truck rental company. It will help you in budgeting and also understand if they charge for fuel and other specialty services. Hourly Labor rate is also one of the parameters to know about before finalizing the contract.

8. Does your company offer Price Matching?

When you ask for a quote from trucking companies like Agg Connect, you will have the liberty to choose from various quotes provided by partners on the platform. If you are going for a carrier company, then you can show them your selected quote from another carrier company and ask them if they can provide their services at this rate. But the catch here is that with a broker, you get to choose from a host of quotes and select the best one that fits your budget and delivers your goods.

9. Are the employees onboarded after a complete background check?

When you are handing your goods to be delivered by a third party, then you have to make sure that the assigned person has a clean rap sheet. You have to clarify if they have a valid driver’s license, any violations committed in the past, and credibility. This clarification will give you peace of mind as you will know that your goods are in safe hands.

10. Is Goods Tracking available?

With the trucking industry going digital, you have to ask the selected company whether you can track your shipment. Many companies provide GPS Tracking and have ramped up their fleet of trucks. Trucks are fitted with the latest technologies, and you can track your goods when it starts rolling and when they will reach the assigned location.


Agg Connect is the best trucking company in Indianapolis that offers its customers safe delivery and unique solutions. The above-listed questions to ask before hiring a truck rental company are tried and tested. The customer has all the right to ask questions, and we hope that these questions help you choose the right trucking company.

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