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Wondering which truck rental service to hire? Look no further as you are at the right place. Agg Connect is the best truck rental company in Indiana and that is why you should work with Agg Connect. Agg Connect offers a host of suites to Contractors, Haulers, Owner Operators, Fleet Managers, and unify them on one platform.

Our forte is the Construction Industry and our services are apt for heavy construction sites, providing logistics to deliver heavy materials and pieces of equipment,  and also look for a long collaboration with our partners. Agg Connect’s services are especially designed for constructors, haulers and fleet-owners. Keeping in mind the digital revolution we have devised a platform that is easy to use.

Features of Agg Connect:

Let us look at some salient features as to why you should work with Agg Connect:

1.   Top Class Features for Haulers

Logistics was difficult earlier as you would have had to scout for Haulers, maintain paperwork, staff numbers, payments, and many more. But you don’t have to worry about anything now as your work is streamlined and you can upscale your business.

2. Productivity Tools for Contractors

With the businesses now going online Agg Connect has developed a unique platform for the trucking industry and that is why we are hailed as the best truck rental service in Indiana. Through our platform, a contractor can easily select the vehicle according to their needs and different sizes.

3. Real-Time Visibility for Fleet Owners

Managing a large fleet of vehicles was very hard as there used to be heavy paperwork to be done and maintained. Even after thorough maintenance of records there used to be some flaws. Now with our unique platform, all these barriers have been eliminated. Be it monitoring your vehicles through GPS, or knowing whether they have delivered the consignment on time can be monitored. This saves precious time of Fleet Owners and is the reason why you should work with Agg Connect.

Advantages of working with Agg Connect:

Since we launched our platform we have connected with many logistics partners and have helped them upscale their business. Throughout the journey, we have improved our platform and have kept ourselves abreast with the latest technology. Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) the connection between customers, contractors, vendors, and drivers, has been streamlined.

Let us dive deep into the advantages of working with Agg Connect.

1.  Several Truck Sizes

Be it a big construction project or a Medium one, the construction materials have to be lifted and delivered on time. Agg Connect has trucks and haulers that come in various sizes. You can select the truck of your choice and book it. It is very easy to find the right truck as we have many fleets and vendors who are available online and will help you in easy decision-making.

2. National Deliverance

The delivery can be done Pan-America as we have trucking companies on our platform from various states. There will be no hassles as they will have a valid license to operate and they follow the state’s rules and regulations. Cross-Border Transportation has been made possible and easier than before when if you didn’t have the right permit then the vehicle would be confiscated. With digital e-permits, this roadblock has been eliminated.

3. Flexibility

Your construction company won’t need to buy trucks as you can easily rent a truck. Based on your needs and preferences you can avail of our services. This will save you the cost of maintenance.

4.  No Maintenance or Repair Expenses

If you own a truck then you will have to keep it well oiled so that it runs smoothly. Like if there is a fault in the engine then you will have to take the services of a technician. There are also chances of the tires being worn out and you would have to replace them. All these are costs to the company which helps in reducing your profits and gain lesser ROI. Agg Connect is the best rental truck company in Indiana that will help you cut these losses.

5. Insurance

All the vehicles on our platform are insured and you can be rest assured that your consignment will be delivered on time. Our Fleet owners and their drivers are all certified with valid licenses. There have been minimal accidents by the vehicle chosen on our platform. All the vehicles are updated with the insurance from time to time, so even in a dire state, the value of your damaged goods will be returned.

6. Storage Problem Eliminated

When you own a mid-sized or a big-sized truck then for their maintenance you will have to build a garage or a shed. If you just leave it outside then there are possibilities of your truck getting damaged. So by availing of Agg Connect’s service, the storage part is eliminated and that is why we are the best truck rental company in Indiana.

7. Application of Latest Technologies

Our company uses the latest technologies like GPS, Online Banking, Fast Booking, and you can do many more things from our indigenous platform. Not just digital features, but you will get vehicles that are built using the latest technologies and are fuel-efficient. This makes the drivers more productive and helps in delivering the consignment without any damage. And, this is why you should work with Agg Connect.

8. Invoice Generation

The payment invoice can be instantly generated online cutting the cost of paperwork or any mistakes. The road traveled, the kilometers, and all other miscellaneous costs are instantly calculated by the inbuilt calculator. You can send the invoice through online means or can even take a printout of it.

9. Payment Gateways

Gone are the days when service providers had to wait for cheques or cash for the service provided. The payment mode has also been digitized and you can receive or send money through our selected financial partners who have a secured and fast payment gateway for faster transferring of money.


Applying the digitization technique in the construction trucking industry has made business easy and that is why you should choose Agg Connect. They are the pioneers in this field and help constructors with the transportation of their materials from one destination to another. With seamless integration of technology and safety measures, Agg Connect has become the best truck rental company in Indiana.

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