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The trucking industry is getting transformed and many trucking companies are going digital. But the facilities provided by Agg Connect to haulers are the best and you will get to know them as you read on. Agg Connect is one of the best truck rental services in Indiana. We mainly deal with the construction industry as it is constantly growing.

The digital platform eliminates the time-consuming paperwork and helps our customers to select the hauler of their choice just at the snap of a finger. Haulers are an important transporting means for the construction industry as they can carry heavy loads and easily dump them at the construction site.

Agg Connect is transforming the trucking industry through the use of the latest technology. The digital platform is super easy to use and you can personalize your needs. We collate data that is insightful for you to choose the right Hauler and gear up your construction business.

What Are The Facilities Provided By Agg Connect To Haulers?

There are many facilities provided by Agg Connect to Haulers and we have listed them below:

1. Truck Assignments

With a fleet of Haulers you can choose from any of our partners and the vehicle will be there at your site in no time. Now that everything is digitized, you don’t have to go scouting for a hauler, as you can do it right from your comfort zone. Agg Connect which is the best rental truck service in Indianapolis provides you with a website and mobile app through which you easily book a Hauler and get going. One can easily choose and assign the job to the selected provider all through the means of the Internet.

2. Digital Tickets

The world has changed and so have the working techniques. Paperwork is a thing of the past as everything now is digitized and on the cloud. Once you get on Agg Connect’s digital platform you will see how easy it is to book a Hauler or any truck without the paperwork. Our Digital Tickets ensure and provide you with Instant Verification, Easy Ticket Reconciliation, and there are very few disputes that arise. We have been serving the construction industry for a long and know the nuances of the trade. So our Digital Tickets are the hallmark that the job ordered to the Hauler is successfully completed.

3. Driver Mobile App

This is one of the best facilities provided by Agg Connect to Haulers. Everybody is connected to the Internet and we have created an app through which the drivers can get to know everything related to the job assigned. Right from accepting the job, the drop location, everything will be clearly dictated in the app. They wouldn’t have to unnecessarily call you and ask for the direction as the app will do it all. Even the payment part is handled through this app which is secure and gives all the information of the payment details.

4. Automated Payments

Before one had to go to the office and wait in a queue to collect their payment. But now since there are so many secure payment gateways, the Haulers should not be worried about the payments. Once the job is done the payment is swift. There is no fear of losing money or waiting for a long time for the payment. On our platform, we handle all the payments to be made for the driver. Once you raise the invoice Agg Connect does the rest and reduces your burden.

Why Choose Agg Connect?

Agg Connect provides the best truck rental services in Indiana and is also a trusted partner for people who would need haulers, trucks, and many more. Our company has innovated a unique and highly efficient digital platform that deals with dump truck logistics. The facilities provided by Agg Connect to Haulers are too many and they can rest assured that they are on the right platform.

When you are constructing a building or a structure there will be a demand for a huge number of things. Why waste time having them transported in smaller vehicles when you can hire a Hauler! Our platform is safe and secure and all our drivers are certified and have a valid license.

Have a look at the benefits of availing Agg Connect’s Hauler Services:


Our staff is very much diligent in transporting and unloading your precious cargo. They are well trained and they see to it that there is no damage caused to the consignment being transported.


Agg Connect’s truck rental services save your precious time as our staff does it all for you. Right from transportation to unloading everything is done in a very professional manner. You will have ample time to focus on your construction project which will save time, money, and energy.

24 x 365

You can avail of our truck or hauler rental services any time of the year. We never stop working if it’s sunny, raining, or snowing. Your precious cargo is all safe and transported according to your directions.


Agg Connect’s facilities provided to Haulers are one of the best that is why we are one of the best truck rental services in Indiana. When you are constructing a structure there are a lot of things involved like supervision, labor, and the most important of it all is the construction material in bulk. So, if you have small vehicles then it will take time to transport all the required construction materials, and that will overshoot your budget. The best option is to hire Agg Connect’s truck rental services and save your precious time, resources, and complete the construction project under the budget assigned.

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