Top facilities provided by Agg Connect to Fleet Owners

Agg Connect is one of the best truck rental companies in Indiana and provides a suite of services for fleet owners. The facilities provided by Agg Connect to fleet owners help them track the performance of their vehicles and upscale their business. Owning, Maintaining, and Tracking the performance of your fleet of vehicles was a tedious task in the past. But with the digital revolution, it is easier now.

Agg Connect’s digital platform will help fleet owners efficiently manage the performance of their trucks, get the details of routes in real-time, instant booking, no paperwork, and the most essential part is immediate payment. Agg Connect provides the best truck rental service for fleet owners in Indiana with all these features.

Imbibing the latest technologies, we can bring down the back office work, increase productivity, accessible dispatch, real-time scheduling, easy operations, all at the click of a button. This helps cut down the unnecessary costs that you would incur before and lead to higher profits. The fleet management, which includes the systems, overhauls, and processes involved, is simplified, and the life cycle of your fleet is increased.

Once you avail of the facilities provided by Agg Connect to Fleet Owners, your business will go digital. With the latest technology like Fleet Management Software, GPS, Sensors in the vehicles, you will reap a higher ROI.

What Are The Facilities Provided By Agg Connect To Fleet Owners?

Have a look at the top facilities provided by Agg Connect to Fleet Owners:

1. Smooth Management

When you are in the trucking business, you will know how hard it is to maintain your fleet manually. Tons of paperwork, no proper route planning, payment issues. And many other things would have been a roadblock to your business. With everything happening at the click of a button, it is easy to manage your fleet, which is one of the top facilities provided by Agg Connect to Fleet owners.

Things like planning, scheduling trucks, drivers, and route management are all simplified. You can check the order status online. You will be in constant touch with the drivers and easily schedule them when you pick up a job. The back-office management will be reduced, which results in a lesser workforce, thus helping you save more money and time.

2. Route Tracking

Involving and imbibing the latest technologies like GPS, you can easily track the vehicle dispatched from your fleet as a fleet owner. Even the drivers will be getting real-time information as to which route to choose so that they can traverse to the assigned in time. You will be able to get information like routes where there is no traffic logjam, which helps finish the job faster. This has made Agg Connect the best truck rental service for fleet owners in Indiana.

3. Customer Service

Our talented customer service department is available 24/7. They help fleet owners with any problem related to dispatch, delivery, and software issues if any. Agg Connect believes in providing the best facilities for fleet owners in Indiana so that they are satisfied. Every minor to a complex problem is resolved in real-time so that the delivery or payment is made on time.

4. ROI and Growth

With a lesser workforce and advanced technology, you can upscale your business growth in a lesser time. Enhanced operational methods, increased productivity, and proper management will lead to your business earning a high ROI (Return on Investment). You don’t have to run for payments as you will duly get paid on time when the job is done through various payment gateways.


Agg Connect provides the top facilities for fleet owners in Indiana and is recognized for its far-sightedness. With our digital platform, fleet owners can easily pick, schedule, track their trucks. Right from the comfort of their office or from anywhere in the world.  

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