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Rental trucks are easier and more cost-efficient than freight trailers, for example. This is because people might prefer to move their goods from one place to another themselves. Though it might be hard work, it saves a lot of money and ensures the protection of inventory. Even if you hire helpers apart from the company itself, it might be lesser expensive than totally giving the responsibility to a moving company. In this case, all the hard work is done by the owners themselves who load the truck, drive to the new destination, unload it and then return the rented truck to the company. It is important to learn how truck rental companies work to be aware during the time of moving. Many companies like Agg Connect truck rental services can help provide a suitable truck for moving. As Agg Connect provides the best truck rental services in Indianapolis.

There are many factors involved that should be analyzed before renting a truck. All truck rentals provide the below-mentioned services and steps with slight changes according to their policies. 


Firstly, the number of days required to move all the goods is estimated by the owners and the renting company together. A few days are kept extra before and after loading which consists of the time the truck reaches the loading place, gets loaded, and returns to the rental after unloading. Renting can be done on the same day itself but it might become more expensive.

The rental companies ask the customers a few days before to finalize the date of loading and moving. On the day of moving, the truck is taken away from the company to the loading destination. The customer and helpers together load the truck. Driving to the destination is completely the customer’s responsibility. After unloading, the truck is taken back to the renting company after checking for any damages.

General Pricing:

Trucks are generally rented according to the number of goods, and the distance traveled. For local moving, most companies charge money as per the mileage of the vehicle and the number of days rented. For long-distance and intercity routes, total estimate costs and flat rates are presented to the customer based on the size, mileage, and distance traveled by the vehicle. 

  • Labor charge from hiring helpers or drivers is extra and not included in the travel cost of the truck. Hiring helpers might help cut the time spent on loading initially and thus cut costs per day set for the truck renting. 
  • Moving large objects like cars, bikes, etc. requires extra space, and people have to rent a car dolly/ carrier for the same. 
  • Most renting companies don’t provide moving supplies like cardboard boxes, straps, bags, etc. and that has to be arranged individually beforehand. 

Extra costs incurred by customers:

  • Any damages to the vehicle through accident or otherwise has to be incurred by the customer and insurance companies. Such costs are additional and movers have to pay clearing fees at any cost. 
  • Also, in case of delays, additional costs have to be paid for the extra day rented. The silver lining here is that the customer can request the additional day between the packing and moving because of which he might have to pay less. However, if this is not done, a late fee is charged which is higher. 
  • After the whole operation, an additional cleaning charge can be taken for the truck. Cleaning fees of a truck can be avoided if the customers ensure that the truck is swept out and doesn’t have even minor damages. 
  • Many companies like Agg Connect truck rental services analyze the condition of the truck first and then charge accordingly. 
  • They also have a system of returning the fee for gas not used by the customer during the rent period.
  • Some companies also take a small safety deposit which is redeemed after the vehicle is returned.

Customer eligibility:

Before renting a truck to a customer, the company must check his credentials. In the US, the minimum age required to rent a truck is 18 years. Apart from that, customers should have a valid driving license. Also, many companies charge extra for drivers who are younger than a particular age. They do this to cover risks to the vehicle due to their inexperience in driving. 

Additional services:

Depending on how truck rental companies work, each company provides different services. Many customers who have small families or are not willing to take the burden themselves might hire loading help from the company itself. 

  • If additional help is required, customers are advised to book helpers few months beforehand. This is done so that they won’t have to pay extra for urgent hiring. 
  • Providing small advantages like easy load ramps, tow trailers, overhead space, etc. also prove to be beneficial for the company’s value. 
  • Many companies also provide online quotes where customers can estimate their total cost incurred. After that, they can compare different costs and choose the most affordable option based on the distance and time spent. 
  • Companies also have insurance on their vehicles even though the customer is liable for any damages. Customers also prefer companies with such options and have the peace of mind cost-wise in the case of an accident. 


During high demand, many rental companies like Agg Connect provide seasonal discounts. During multiple bookings, or even being a loyal customer gives some perks like discounts. If the amount of goods is very large, customers can rent an additional truck and hire a driver for the same. The additional truck would probably be smaller and also would be discounted. By doing this, customers can save time and money that would have been spent otherwise. 

Apart from the services provided, there are many requisites a moving truck company should have. Though having multiple services adds to the brand value of the company, one wrong strategy can reduce its credibility. There are some things that rentals should have irrespective of the demand of the consumers. For instance, customers generally prefer one-way rentals so that they don’t have to bear the burden of returning the rented truck. This is why now a majority of rental companies have operations in multiple locations so that the truck can be returned to the warehouse of that location.

It has been noticed that customers are sensitive to pay additional costs that shouldn’t have to pay in the first place. Rental companies have to mention their pricing and prevent surprising customers with new bills after they enjoy the service and this is how truck rental companies work. Moving truck rental companies are constantly increasing in demand because of their ample equipment, accessibility, cost-efficiency, and time-efficiency. Trucking companies are constantly updating their work methods to keep up with the trends and ensure top-tier services to customers.

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