Agg Connect - What are the impacts of E Commerce on the Trucking Industry?

The E-commerce industry is increasing at a fast pace. It has shaped the way people have shopped and spent their money. Every nation depends on the trucking industry to transport goods across the country. These trucks are considered to be a quick, easy and efficient way to transport goods. The E-commerce industry has shaped the job description of the trucking industry. There are various impacts of E-commerce on the trucking industry and the trucking company like Agg Connect adapted it very gracefully. 

The pandemic can be a factor in the rise in the E-commerce industry, as many people were afraid to go out and order essentials online. In the present scenario, smartphones are accessible to all. E-commerce is not limited to computers at home. Now, people can order goods from anywhere and at any time. E-commerce provides better choices with lower prices to the consumer. 

Trucking services provide a framework to transport goods from the point of production to their last destination to the consumers. There are various trucking services available. Agg connects trucking services in Indianapolis is one of them. The rise of E-commerce has affected the trucking industry in both negative and positive ways. Customers expect quick, hassle-free, and undamaged delivery of their goods. E-commerce promising fast deliveries are affecting how trucking services work.

Impacts Of E-Commerce On The Trucking Industry:

Some impacts of E-commerce on the trucking industry are listed below:

Increase in shipping speed:

Consumers expect fast deliveries with no extra costs. And many retailers promise one or two-day delivery to their consumers. This pressure of shorter delivery times has created a lot of pressure on truckers. The pressure can lead to fatigued driving that may further increase accidents. Trucking companies are ignoring hours of service regulations in order to stay in the competition.

Lower shipping costs:

Shipping costs also influence consumers’ decisions whether to buy the product or not. Various E-commerce platforms provide free shipping or shipping with a minimum amount. But, retailers still have to bear these shipping costs. Smaller trucking services may not be able to compete with larger shipping companies. It may lead to driving small trucking companies out of business.

Hours of service:

Hours of service refer to the maximum hours that drivers are allowed to be on duty comprising driving time, and the number and duration of rest periods. It has ensured that drivers stay active and alert. More truck trips and shorter duration of delivery time has forced drivers to run up against hours of service regulations. Short-haul drivers get exempted from these regulations. Hence, more drivers are shifting to local operation situations where these regulations are a bit more flexible.

Development of warehouses : 

Due to the development of fulfillment centers and warehouses, large online retailers offer one or two-day delivery. These warehouses are strategically placed so that goods are delivered quickly. Most of the truck drivers now prefer short hauls as they get to go home more often. They do not have to spend a week on the roads. It has resulted in a shortage of long-haul truck drivers. The inadequacy can lead to disturbance in the E-commerce supply chain and longer delivery time.  This shortage can lead to a risk to the health and well-being of truck drivers. Safety and well-being must be a crucial part of safety regulations.

Technology and efficiency:

In past years, there have been advancements in the technology of commercial trucks. It has led to more efficient deliveries. With an efficient system, a small company might also be able to compete with larger companies.

Dynamic routing reduced unnecessary routes between the production point and the last destination. Advancements like driver assistance and forward-looking camera systems have helped in reducing truck accidents. These accidents lead to increased costs for trucking companies and retailers. 

Electronic logging devices are helpful to track driving hours. It will help to prevent trucking companies and drivers from exceeding the legal working hours. Exceeding working hours help companies to stay in the competition and provide fast deliveries to their customers. 

There are various trucking companies available, like Agg connect trucking services in Indianapolis. They ensure drivers’ safety, quick, efficient, and hassle-free delivery of goods to their customers. 

Availability of jobs:

If the E-commerce industry remains rising, there would be an increase in jobs available for truck drivers. Retailers will increase their population of truck drivers. It has resulted in new opportunities for the younger generation. The placements available for local drivers are increasing. Shorter length trips mean drivers get to see their homes more often. It has affected their health positively as driving hours have been reduced to eight to ten hours a day.

Infrastructure and increased vehicle stress:  

Another impact of the E-commerce industry on the trucking industry is that it has increased vehicle stress on roads. Shorter delivery times have increased in the number of trucks on roads. This increased number of trucks can result in heavy traffic and congestion on roads. 

The increase in the number of trips can lead to damage to roads that are not designed for large and heavy vehicles. It can lead to stress on infrastructure. Damaged roads can further impact drivers’ safety and lead to an increase in truck accidents. 

Truck parking has been a problem for a few years. Several norms and regulations in different countries have worsened it. More trucks on roads lead to more requirements to stop at various points. It has increased vehicular stress.


These were the impacts of the E-commerce industry on the trucking industry. The rise of the E-commerce industry has impacted the trucking industry in both positive and negative ways. Though, it has increased the availability of jobs and advancement in technology and efficiency. But, it has also affected infrastructure, driving hours, shipping costs, and a shipping period. In order to determine the long-term effects of the E-commerce industry on the trucking industry, conducting market research can be beneficial. The growing E-Commerce industry is one of the trends that are transforming the trucking industry.

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