What are the top services provided by Agg Connect

Agg Connect is a leader when it comes to everything logistics. There are different services provided by Agg Connect like Truck Rental services, Transportation of Heavy construction material hauling which we will learn about in the later part. Our company is the most reliable and safe truck rental service provider in Indiana.

We have created a platform wherein Contractors, Owner Operators, Fleet Managers, and Drivers can connect with each other. The company has understood and experienced first-hand the important facets of the trucking industry and aims at creating a streamlined association between trucking companies and contractors.

Core Features of Agg Connect:

Transparent Pricing:

Agg Connect aims to develop a strong bond with its clients by providing Transparent Pricing. Providing real-time quotes and following them with the clients no matter if we close or lose the deal. Spot rate pricing and Contract rate pricing are set according to the client’s expectations.

Convenient Services:

When it comes to providing convenient trucking services, you can always rely on Agg Connect. Agg Connect provides its services to Contractors, Fleet Owners, and Haulers. And, this is what makes Agg Connect the best truck rental company in Indiana.  

Real-Time Tracking:

Using the latest technologies like GPS linked to the database you can track the vehicles carrying your materials and goods in real-time. You can monitor the position of materials once they are scanned and assigned to a vehicle.

Security of Goods:

Your goods’ security and safety always come first for Agg Connect. We ensure the safe transportation of your goods without any damages or thefts. Using a technology-driven layered approach, our company makes sure that the goods are secure and safe from the time of loading and unloading.

Easy Payment Methods:

Customers can pay us through cash, or directly transfer it to our bank account after the bill is generated.

Top Services Provided By Agg Connect:

Now let us take a look at some of our top services:

1. Truck Rental Services for Contractors:

Agg Connect is the best truck rental service provider for contractors in Indiana. With our top-notch trucking solutions for contractors, we help you to upscale your business. Last-mile hauling is the most crucial factor and Agg Connect helps your business in eliminating any faulty schedules, inefficacious operations, thus cutting the risk of any decrease in profits.

All your needs from finalizing contractors to material tracking on the job site are taken care of by our expert platform. With our E-Ticketing software, your precious time spent on manual ticketing is reduced, and also Certificate of Insurance (COI) and compliances are taken care of so that there is no legal issue while transportation.

The services provided by Agg Connect for contractors are as follows:

  • Moving heavy construction raw materials
  • Trucks of various sizes fit for the occasion
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Tracking of scheduling and dispatching status digitally
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking
2. Truck Rental Services for Fleet Owners:

When you own a fleet of trucks it is hard to track the status of every truck manually. Agg Connect helps you to track your truck’s booking status, movement, and servicing required if any. Unified Communication is one of the main services provided by Agg Connect as you can get all the information on our digital platform and can schedule your truck for any order that pops up.

All of your trucks will be insured once they will reach a construction site to save you from any extra expense. With our digital platform, you can easily manage your dump trucks and assign them to work just by the push of a button. Now, managing your fleet is much easier as it cuts down the office workload and time-consuming paperwork. This is why we are the most reliable and trusted company providing truck rental services for fleet owners in Indiana.

Let’s have a glance at the services provided by Agg Connect for Fleet Owners:

  • Hassle-free Sign-up
  • Easy scheduling and dispatching through our digital platform
  • Easy and Secure Billing
  • Faster Payments
  • GPS enabled route tracking
3. Truck Rental Service for Haulers:

With years of experience in the trucking business vertical, we have become the best platform for haulers. The construction industry needs many types of vehicles for transportation and Haulers are one among them. Connecting contractors with Haulers is one of the services provided by Agg Connect in Indiana. All types of services are available for short haulers or long haulers. With a streamlined process, we can provide digital tickets, instant appointments using OCR technology.

In simple words when a contractor posts a need for a hauler our intelligent digital platform aids them by connecting them with a hauler truck provider. There is no fee for signing up for our services. Through our mobile app, the drivers can check the work assigned. This helps in scaling up their business and they even get the option of offloading the work assigned to sub-haulers which makes Agg Connect the best trucking company providing truck rental services in Indiana.


With years of experience in the construction industry, Agg Connect has successfully managed to connect all the loose ends for contractors, fleet owners, and haulers. The trucking service has transformed digitally and now we can conduct everything just at the push of a button. Our transparent way of working and prompt payments have earned us the trust of our clients.

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